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May 2013

Posted by alisonreed on May 6, 2013 at 7:20 AM

Well, at least some of my wishes have come true!

The Barcroft book was out in time for Christmas; the book for Walsall Writers' Circle ('Satchells, Inkwells and Milk Monitors') was also out for Christmas and received a good review from Mike Pearson of The Blackcountryman; however, sales of my ebook of short stories are not very good, but then I haven't really advertisied it so perhaps that's my own fault!  If you're interested it's called 'Winter Shorts' and is published by Lulu.

My Regency novel is finished, although it still needs a little more in the way of polishing, and I've made a start on designing a cover for it so that will, in the fullness of time, find it's way onto the market.  

Sadly, publication of the book of children's stories ('Hare, Rabbit and Tortoise') has ground to a halt as the artist who was doing the pictures received a promotion (congratulations!) but it meant that he had no time to do the illustrations.  I think that this now falls back into my court again...

'Virus!' has reached the dizzying figure of 22,000 words so hasn't quite made it in time for Easter... remind me to tell you about the wedding and then you'll understand why!

You may have noticed that another photo album has been added, this time it contains photos of flowers.  Do you know, I really like the idea of being a photo journalist?!  My photographic skills are improving but they're not yet as good as I should like them to be.

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