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October 2012

Posted by alisonreed on October 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM


Here's an update on my writing.  Leslie and Ischi, the diary book that I've been working on for several years, has been published in paperback, unfortunately it is at a prohibitively expensive price so I'm keeping it mainly for family and friends.  For it to be a viable venture I'm considering turning it into a novel-type format, so that's going to take a bit longer to complete!

I've issued my first proper ebook - Winter Shorts, a small book of short stories which I should like to romp to the top of the book charts, but in reality may sell a few copies!  It's a shame as it is realistically priced at only £1.00...  It's on Lulu so far but I'm working on getting it onto Amazon as well.

The book that I'm writing for Barcroft School is in the proof-reading stage and I'm waiting for the Headteacher to get back to me so that I can get it sorted before Christmas.

I'm also currently working on a thriller called Virus! .  It needs a lot of research so it's going slowly, but I should like to get it sorted before Easter next year.  Watch this space!

The Regency novel has also been completed in name, but in reality it is still doing the rounds of the Walsall Writers' Circle folio for peer review.  It should be finished soon.

Walsall Writers' Cirlce is issuing their first book.  The working title is Satchels, Inkwells and Milk Monitors and should be out in time for the December meeting.  It's taken a lot of time collating all the entries, deciding on an appropriate font, as well as designing a suitable cover.  Assuming about 10 to 12 entries, I was hoping to keep the price to well under £5.00 but with 22 entries, the book is somewhat longer than expected!

So as well as being the Walsall Writers' Circle secretary, working three days a week, decorating the house in time for our 30th Wedding anniversary and trying to sort out bits and pieces towards a family wedding it's been an incredibly hectic year.

Do contact me if you're interested in any of my books.

Best wishes, Alison

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