Alison R Reed (also writing as Marianna Bell and Michael N Allison)

About Me

My name is Alison Reed, I've been writing for about ten years and reading for a great many more than that!  I am fascinated by stories of all sorts, not just those on paper but radio and TV as well.  My husband tends to read science fiction as he loves science, but our children read all sorts.  In fact, our son was introduced to books when he was just a couple of days' old and today one of his hobbies is writing short stories for his own amusement.  Both he and our daughter feel deprived if they don't get a pile of books for Christmas or birthdays!

The Francis Frith Collection gave me a chance to write a local history book for them (Sutton Coldfield, a history and celebration) and it was published in November 2005 - there's a picture in the photo gallery.  I have also won or been highly placed in various local fiction and non-fiction competitions.  

I am secretary of the Walsall Writers' Circle and you'll find out more about us on the Walsall Writers' Circle website.

My writing is still developing and so I'd appreciate any constructive comments about individual pieces of writing or my writing in general.  Thanks!