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A Key for Hannah (Marianna Bell)

Posted by alisonreed on July 6, 2015 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It's taken, I don't know quite how many years, but at long last 'A Key for Hannah' is now available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats! There are 324 pages of Regency adventure (with some romance thrown in too) that cover Hannah's quest to recover her memory as she travels around Wales and the Black Country.

It's available at £7.99 for the paperback and £3.15 for the ebook - so please, sit back and enjoy!


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Well, that was an incredible year!

As Secretary of Walsall Writers' Circle, I oversaw the conception through to final publication of the second anthology of work from members of the Circle. 'Winter Festivals' is an attractive looking book with many excellent stories, memoirs, articles and poems and is certainly worth picking up from Amazon. At a very manageable £4.99 for a paperback and £2.24 for a Kindle version, it makes an excellent present for someone, or even a little treat for yourself!

As well as this, I have re-issued my book of short stories. 'Winter Shorts' has been totally revamped, re-edited and finally reprinted but this time it is available on Amazon at the excellent price of £3.82 for a paperback and £1.54 for an electronic version. The listing on Lulu has been taken down as the new version is already up and selling in all media! Please check it out...

Writing continues so watch this site for more information. The techno-thriller 'Virus!' (pen-name Michael N Alison) is nearly complete, and 'Hannah - A Regency Adventure' will also be coming out later in the year.

May 2013

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Well, at least some of my wishes have come true!

The Barcroft book was out in time for Christmas; the book for Walsall Writers' Circle ('Satchells, Inkwells and Milk Monitors') was also out for Christmas and received a good review from Mike Pearson of The Blackcountryman; however, sales of my ebook of short stories are not very good, but then I haven't really advertisied it so perhaps that's my own fault!  If you're interested it's called 'Winter Shorts' and is published by Lulu.

My Regency novel is finished, although it still needs a little more in the way of polishing, and I've made a start on designing a cover for it so that will, in the fullness of time, find it's way onto the market.  

Sadly, publication of the book of children's stories ('Hare, Rabbit and Tortoise') has ground to a halt as the artist who was doing the pictures received a promotion (congratulations!) but it meant that he had no time to do the illustrations.  I think that this now falls back into my court again...

'Virus!' has reached the dizzying figure of 22,000 words so hasn't quite made it in time for Easter... remind me to tell you about the wedding and then you'll understand why!

You may have noticed that another photo album has been added, this time it contains photos of flowers.  Do you know, I really like the idea of being a photo journalist?!  My photographic skills are improving but they're not yet as good as I should like them to be.

Speak to you again,


October 2012

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Here's an update on my writing.  Leslie and Ischi, the diary book that I've been working on for several years, has been published in paperback, unfortunately it is at a prohibitively expensive price so I'm keeping it mainly for family and friends.  For it to be a viable venture I'm considering turning it into a novel-type format, so that's going to take a bit longer to complete!

I've issued my first proper ebook - Winter Shorts, a small book of short stories which I should like to romp to the top of the book charts, but in reality may sell a few copies!  It's a shame as it is realistically priced at only £1.00...  It's on Lulu so far but I'm working on getting it onto Amazon as well.

The book that I'm writing for Barcroft School is in the proof-reading stage and I'm waiting for the Headteacher to get back to me so that I can get it sorted before Christmas.

I'm also currently working on a thriller called Virus! .  It needs a lot of research so it's going slowly, but I should like to get it sorted before Easter next year.  Watch this space!

The Regency novel has also been completed in name, but in reality it is still doing the rounds of the Walsall Writers' Circle folio for peer review.  It should be finished soon.

Walsall Writers' Cirlce is issuing their first book.  The working title is Satchels, Inkwells and Milk Monitors and should be out in time for the December meeting.  It's taken a lot of time collating all the entries, deciding on an appropriate font, as well as designing a suitable cover.  Assuming about 10 to 12 entries, I was hoping to keep the price to well under £5.00 but with 22 entries, the book is somewhat longer than expected!

So as well as being the Walsall Writers' Circle secretary, working three days a week, decorating the house in time for our 30th Wedding anniversary and trying to sort out bits and pieces towards a family wedding it's been an incredibly hectic year.

Do contact me if you're interested in any of my books.

Best wishes, Alison

17th February 2012 - addendum

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Hello again

It's been a busy day today.  Several more pages have been added, including excerpts from Sutton Coldfield, A History and Celebration (which has been re-issued) and also from the Leslie and Ischi book that I've been working on for several years.

You will find some more photos in the photo gallery, they're from our trip round Europe in summer 2011.



February 2012

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Oh dear!  I didn't realise that I hadn't updated my website for a year.  Where does the time go?

Anyway, I am correcting that omission now.  A new section has been added - NANW - which shows some of the articles that I've written for the Neighbourhood Watch magazine.  

An update on my writing.  I mentioned sometime ago that I was putting together a book about my parents using the letters that they wrote just after WW2.  Well, at long last I have uploaded my data to Blurb so that I can see how well the original photos work.  I travelled round Europe in the summer last year and took photos of various places which I have been able to include in the book.  

The book of Memories for Barcroft School is still ongoing but as I'm still short of memories for several decades it's not going very quickly.  With luck, though, I'll be able to get a book with memories from every decade since 1910 (the School opened in 1909!) which would be excellent.

My historical novel, working title 'Hannah's House' is written but I'm not quite finished with it yet.  It's undergoing peer review at the moment so it may or may not see the light of day as a real novel, I'll decide that later on.

Next novel 'Virus!' is a modern day techno-thriller and is a collaboration with my husband.  Watch this space for an update... and there's a time-travel novel in the pipe-line too.  Also in collaboration with my husband, we have put together some children's stories about 'Hare, Rabbit and Tortoise'.  We need an artist now for illustrations.  That too is a work in progress.

So, as you can see, I might not have been able to add too much to the site recently, but I certainly haven't been idle!

Best wishes and happy writing


December 2010

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I'm shocked!  I realised that I hadn't blogged for a while - but six months...  Anyway, lots of things have been happening, I've left one temporary job, completed another, and am now juggling two placements at the same time.  We've had a wonderful weekend in London, been to a ballet (first one!), and I'm really chuffed to say that I've had a few acceptances, including letter of the month in the prestigious Linux Format (under a pen-name).

I'm posting some more photos, this time of a synchronised kite-flying group called Sky Symphony, of which one of the members is my cousin.  If you want to find out more about them go to

You'll also find a short story here called The French Trip.  This is a story that my mother asked me to write.  She liked the idea of enemies becoming friends and as she had lived through WW2 this was the appropriate setting for the story.  I hope you enjoy it.

My Regency novel continues apace and I hope to have it finished by the end of January, after which my husband has written a plot synopsis which I'm going to see about turning into a novel.  This should be interesting as it's set in the modern day and I'm going to have to learn a lot more about computers...  

Have a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year


29 June 2010

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Hello again

Well, the wedding was a great success!  The Pasha of Taff and I turned up in costume for the medieval banquet accompanied by the Pasha's bodyguard and our serving wench!  The weather in Somerset was glorious which was all the more surprising because the week before had not been very good at all.  The bride, groom and best man wore costume for the ceremony in the Tenants' Hall of Dunster Castle and being champion archers, they exited under an arch of longbows.  Peterkin, the fool, was tremendous.  From balancing an egg on his nose, to stilt-walking and fire-eating, he kept everyone laughing and certainly helped pass the time between meal courses.

We stayed in the pretty little town of Watchet with its harbours and narrow streets.  I took lots of photos and have been trying to find a way to 'stitch' them together into a panoramic view.  When I've got it sussed, I'll post it here.

Back to one of my novels, I was very pleased recently to find 'The Spry', a real Severn 'trow' (rhymes with 'crow' and is a type of flat-bottomed boat) in Blist's Hill which gave me a real sense of size.  A scale model of it was to be found in the British Waterways Museum at Gloucester Docks and that was of even more use as it clearly showed me the interior.  I was having a few problems with the plot because I couldn't clarify the sleeping arrangements on board and so wasn't quite sure where to put my heroine!  I can now get on with the next few chapters which will then go into the Walsall Writers' Circle folio for peer review.  

Well, enjoy the weather!

Best wishes


28 May 2010

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Well!  I had two acceptances yesterday - one in the new Barnardos book, 'Things Kids Say' and the second was on with a version of 'A Rocky Adventure'.   I must admit I was as chuffed as could be!  It's been a while since I've had an acceptance, and the reason for that is because I haven't sent off much recently so I shouldn't be very surprised, should I?  The thing is, I'm concentrating on a few other things at the moment, one of which is putting together some medieval costumes for my cousin's wedding.  I don't want to let down the side and all that.  However, I did manage to fit in some on -the-ground research for my Regency novel so I will be able to do a re-write on part of that now.  I'll try and get another story or article uploaded to the site in the next few days. 

In the meantime, enjoy the bank holiday!


28 April 2010

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If you're new to my website, welcome!  I hope you enjoy reading my stories and articles.  There's not a lot here yet, but they're coming - albeit slowly!

I have finished the photos for Turkey and I can honestly say it was a fabulous place to visit.  It's on my very short list of places to go to for a second time.  Usually if I've been somewhere I'm not particularly fussed in going back but Turkey is so big that I could happily go back several times and still not see everything.

In the meantime, please feel free to post comments about anything that you find here - I'd like to know how you think I can improve.

Enjoy the bank holiday