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New Year 2010

Posted by alisonreed on January 9, 2010 at 6:31 PM

Happy New Year - belatedly!

Well, everything went onto hold whilst I had a couple of operations in October 2009.  Recuperation was slow and I had a couple of quite scary moments which, thinking about them now, shouldn't have worried me, but they did.  If only foresight was as clear as hindsight!  However, I am now able to go back to work but because of the snow, I've only managed two days.  The spirit is willing and all that... 

What I found difficult to come to terms with was the fact that I wasn't able to write whilst I was off.  My inspiration was missing or, as I heard someone say on the tv the other day, "my mojo was gone"!   But I've got some some short stories in the pipeline at the moment, the sort that might be suitable for People's Friend or other women's magazines.  It's all good practice in writing to the market and that is what I find very difficult.  The answer is to just keep writing.  It doesn't matter if I'm not a Tolstoy, Binchy or JK Rowling.  No-one else has to read my work until I'm ready and even if it's no good now, there might be a gem there that could stand being re-written at a later date.

Happy writing!

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