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23rd March 2010

Posted by alisonreed on March 23, 2010 at 5:43 PM


Well, I sent off my latest short story to its intended market and it was returned by the next post!  I can't make up my mind whether that's good or bad.  When I first sent off stories it used to take ages to get them back so either the publishers have changed their way of rejecting stories or someone recognises my name and thinks I'm getting closer to what they want.  Hmmm.  I know which one I want it to be, but I have a suspicion that the other might be true!  How depressing.  Anyway, I've now put the story into the postal folio for WWC and I'll see what they have to say.   

My projects continue apace.  The latest is a collaboration on a radio script with a friend from WWC - we've spent three weeks on it so far and just about sorted out the plot!  Sadly, it won't get finished before Easter but we're very pleased with what we've achieved so far.

I'll blog again soon so in the meantime, happy writing and have a very happy Easter!


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