Alison R Reed (also writing as Marianna Bell and Michael N Allison)

Sutton Coldfield - excerpt

Sutton Coldfield - A History and Celebration (re-issued 2011)

Published by Francis Frith, ISBN 1-84589-218-6

I wrote this book in 2005 and it was originally issued in a limited edition of 1000 but in 2011 I was advised by Francis Frith that the book was once more available.  It can be purchased from their website at a price of 18.00, although sadly I don't get any royalties from the sale of the book!  To give you a flavour, I've included an excerpt here.


Approximately seven miles to the north east of Birmingham lies the popular residential area of Sutton Coldfield.  It is the largest and most northerly parliamentary constituency in Birmingham; it also accounts for one fifth of the administrative area and figures taken from the 2001 census indicate a population of over 100,000.  Put like that, the description could be almost any town, anywhere, yet a glimpse into the history of Sutton Coldfield may well surprise you with its richness and variety.

Browsing through the shelves of the Sutton Reference Library and the local bookshops you will find a wealth of information about the town, some books charting its story through photographs whilst others offer full and comprehensive histories. Treading a path somewhere between the two, we will follow the fluctuating prosperity of the town from Mesolithic times through to the modern day and perhaps lay a few myths to rest along the way!  Of course, this history would not be complete without an exploration of Sutton Park which has played such a crucial role in the town's military, industrial and recreational history, and without which the once royal town of Sutton Coldfield could not have developed.  The illustrations have been selected to either jog the memory of readers or whet the appetite and perhaps encourage further research into this fascinating and historic place.